Saturday, October 13, 2012

A lot can change in a year

A year ago from today I ran my first half marathon, the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon in Pennsylvania. It was an incredibly easy net-downhill half marathon on a crushed gravel rails-to-trails path. I was pretty happy to finish in 1:50, but on the drive home I told Cory that I didn't think I could ever run a mile more than what I had just raced. I was certain that I never wanted to do a full marathon. And here I am a year later with a trail marathon under my belt.

One thing's for sure, training for and running a marathon wasn't doubly as hard as a half marathon. After finishing my marathon I said to Cory again that I don't think I could possibly run more than 26 miles. But now I've been thinking that the same principle should apply to running a 50 miler. It shouldn't be doubly as hard, right? As of now I'm thinking of sticking to some 50k races...

Hopefully I'll be back in Wisconsin running the Ice Age Trail during the North Face Endurance Challenge.

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