Sunday, January 6, 2013

Self discipline means running LESS

I sit here in pain, reflecting on how my mind thinks I can go farther than my body is actually able to go. I'm three weeks into my training plan and my shin splints are acting up. I can easily figure out the problem. My first week (as you may have read in my last post) we got a blizzard and I was working six days straight, house/dog sitting, and then flying to Wisconsin. As a result I didn't get in all of my miles.

When I arrived in Wisconsin I severely underestimated the amount of snow they had gotten. My dad provided me with yaktrax and gaiters and we headed off towards our beloved Ice Age Trail. We were hoping that the snowshoers would have packed down the trail for us, but after five steps of post-holing up to the thigh we turned back. I almost cried. I was so looking forward to running the good 'ol IAT. Now I'll have to wait for September when I'll hopefully run the North Face Challenge.

The only trail that was slightly runable was the Military Ridge Trail because it becomes snowmobile territory. If you've never seen a snowmobile, picture a jet ski with rails. Snowobilers get possessive about their domain and it is your responsibility to dive out of their way. Pretty sure if you were killed from getting hit by a snowmobile, the law would defend the snowmobile owner. At any rate, my knees and ankles started feeling pretty torqued from running through the pock-marked snow and so I switched to roads. The roads were covered with ice and hard as a... rock? Cue shin splints.

Needless to say I remembered why I moved away from Wisconsin. Again, I didn't quite get my miles in, but I flew home determined to do better. Well I was just so happy to be home that even the Highline Canal Trail seemed fun! Unfortunately I overcompensated and ran too many miles this week. When I finally got out to the trails today I went a little overboard. Here's my mileage progression over the past three weeks: 27.5, 32, 38.

And now I'm realizing that sometimes self-discipline doesn't mean running more even when it's painful. It means listening to your body and knowing the difference between good pain and bad pain. I'm going to be running less this week.

Here is a totally unrelated, but very amusing, picture:

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