Wednesday, February 20, 2013

There's nothing more annoying than hearing Californians complain about Colorado winters

It is February and it is beautiful. Actually there has not been a single time this winter that it has not been beautiful. So when I hear California and Texas-natives complaining about how cold it is, I'm not very sympathetic. After enduring many Wisconsin winters, I fully appreciate every day above 0 degrees. In Wisconsin it is almost impossible to train through the winter. The trails are snowed in and the sidewalks are covered in sheets of ice.

Today I ran Mt. Falcon before we got hit with a little snow. I think I did about 2700 feet of climbing in the first six of ten miles. Just when I feel like I'm starting to improve my fitness, I can always count on Mt. Falcon to kick my butt and remind me that I'm just an average human being. And then when I finally am humbled by that thought, I can stop at scenic vistas, let my heart swell with the beauty of it all, and not look at my watch.

Here's some pictures from the last month. Some are from a "hill" near our place that connects up with the Highline Canal Trail. It was so pretty after a fresh snow. The other pictures are from a run at Mt. Falcon last week.

P.S. Update on the toe: I took a week off and it feels a bit better, though it's still a little swollen. I'm doing some icing and strengthening exercises.

Mayla doesn't really like the cold.

Good views of the city on a clear day.

Beautiful distant mountains...

The flat, bare hill is green mountain. The spiny hill is Dinosaur Ridge. You can't really see Morrison Slide very well, but you can see part of Red Rocks. Sometimes I link them all together for a good winter long run.

View from the Parmalee trail near the west end of the park.

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