Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We need the precipitation, but why does it have to be snow?

It's just another day off from work in a line-up of other days off where it snowed. I was hoping to hit the trails, but now there is a new layer of snow covering the slushy stuff that had ALMOST melted. Fortunately we were able to squeeze in a long run on Sunday just before the weather changed. We started at the Apex trailhead, went up Argos and around the Grupstake loop, up to the top of Lookout Mountain, down Chimney Gulch. Then we turned around, went back up the mountain, and came back down through Apex Park. It was tiring, full of sludge, and fun. It was warm enough to wear a sleeveless shirt!

Today, I'm trying to hold on to those warm thoughts while looking at pictures from the run. 2.5 weeks until Cory's first 50 miler and 5.5 weeks until my first 50k!

Up Argos and Pick-N-Sledge

View of Table Mountain

Cory on Grubstake

Cory's home-modified bottles: Nathan bottles with Camelbak straws

Cory in the slush on Grubstake switchbacks 

Coming down Sluicebox

View from Hardscrabble

View near Windy Saddle

Heading back up Chimney Gulch

Clear Creek Canyon views

Back down Apex

Back on Grubstake

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