Thursday, June 20, 2013

We are moving!!

For the last 6 months we have been aching to live closer to the mountains. We drive out to various Jefferson County parks about twice a week, which is wonderful, but we've been realizing that if we want to become better runners, we need to do more elevation every week. We've been looking for apartments in Golden, but it has been difficult to find something affordable. When we apply for places in Golden we normally run into this scenario: arrive at apartment showing, tell the owner that we love the place and that we are extremely interested and ready to sign the paperwork, 20 other people walk in and say the same thing, owner calls the next day to say they picked someone else.

After going through this heartbreaking story multiple times, we decided to start looking at places near Green Mountain in Lakewood. It may not be our favorite park, but it is an excellent place to train and that way our favorite parks will still stay fresh to us. With the addition of Kristen, sister-in-law and most ideal running buddy ever, as a roommate we had more flexibility in our options and  we will be able to save more money.

And we finally found a place! It's right at the base of Green Mountain. We literally run out our door and hit the trail. If we had been stubborn about living in Golden we never would have found something this affordable so close to the trails. We are pretty pumped to move in two weeks!!

Just how awesome is it going to be to live here. Well if I wanted to do a nice little out and back 50+miler with only a few miles of road, here's what I could do.

House to Mt. Falcon West
Mt. Falcon West to Lair O the Bear

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  1. That is what I love about living with National Forest 100 yards away. Don't like to drive to go have fun. Off to run Ragnar, Wasatch Back. Logan to Park City, 200 miles, 12 people. Will be interesting.....Congrats on getting closer to the mountains.