Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas, here's a mix tape...

It's funny to think back a few years to when music used to take over my life. Now I'm just a music appreciator and running has taken over my life. Don't judge me, but music is one of my favorite training tools. I use it responsibly on the trails, not too loud or I take an earbud out if there's a lot of people around. So here's my Christmas gift to you: some jams.

1. Locked in a Cage - Brick + Mortar
2. Bit by Bit - Mother Mother
3. Beach Holiday - Fort Lean
4. Major - Asteroids Galaxy Tour
5. Beat the Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
6. I Had Me a Girl - The Civil Wars
7. Soul of a Man - Beck
8. Tightrope - Yeasayer
9. Little Pistol - Mother Mother
10. Devil's Waitin' - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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