Sunday, March 1, 2015

Living the dream

I'm going to be honest. Most of the month of February I feel like this:

But a girl's got to function in the world even when the sun isn't shining. The other difficulty I've had with trying to get anything accomplished at home is that any time I sit down this happens:

Or this:

Adorable distractions aside, I've gotten pretty good at managing my brain's horrible response to the month of February and I try to think of all the great things that make up the reality of my life. For example, I live in my dream place. I have miles of trails right in my back yard. I have an amazing husband and two adorable dogs. Why should I let the weather get me down when I have the life I've always dreamed of?

A lot of people have commented on pictures that I post on Facebook or on posts I've left on this blog that they wish they lived here or that my life looks awesome. If I know you and you live in another state, chances are I've tried to convince you to move to Colorado. I'm a pretty good sales person. Just ask Cory, if he doesn't agree with me then I won't back down until I've convinced him that I'm right.

We didn't just accidentally end up in Colorado. It wasn't some happy occurrence. We lived in Pittsburgh. We picked up all our stakes and, with help from my parents, moved our possessions to Colorado into an apartment that we had never seen until we moved into it. We were unemployed and had to start from scratch with very few connections. There were times that we were living from paycheck to paycheck. Not a day goes by that I remind myself never to take this place for granted.

Moving is hard and I knew the longer we spent time in a place that was not Colorado, the harder it was going to be to pick up and move. I firmly believe that you should not live in a way where you are always waiting for something better to come along. If you want something, take tangible steps to make it happen. It's made me curious what it is that holds people back from achieving the things they want, what keeps them from making their dreams or goals a reality. I genuinely want to know! Please comment, even if you are reading this and I've never met you before.

If there's one thing I've learned while working through Seasonal Affective Disorder it's that having a plan with both short term and long term goals makes every day easier to endure. As you see yourself get closer to where you want to be, it's no longer a matter of endurance, you are able to joyfully relish the last few steps to your finish line.

Here's some pictures from our winter adventures this last month:

Cadi retrieved multiple deer parts at Mt. Falcon for me

We found this fresh mountain lion kill a mile up from the parking lot at Apex

A close up of the mountain lion print... no claw marks and a three-lobed back pad

Cousin Bailey taking 10th at CC junior nationals in Boulder

View of Mt. Evans wilderness from the Chicago Lakes Trail

Happy pups!

Entering Mt. Evans wilderness... did not need the snowshoes

A chilly sunset on top of Green Mt before heading to Arizona for my best friend's wedding

Sunset run at Pass Mountain with dad

The one bright "star" in the sky is Venus

Sunrise view of Lost Dutchmen from Cat Peaks summit

I'm never wearing booty shorts again... too much wedgie 

Playing among the cacti with dad

The dad guy

I was talking on my phone in the campground and this rattler jumped out at me

Got to take some fun pictures at this couple's wedding!

Mayla's favorite winter sport is napping 

Cadi's favorite winter sport is being disobedient and feeling no shame

Family hibernation

Cory got some great pictures of me tripping on today's run

This is my "I hate the winter" face

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